Camping for


What would you say is most valuable to you in life?  How about your top 5?  What would God say is most valuable to Him for your life?  In Philippians chapter 3, you find the apostle Paul sharing what used to be most valuable to him, and how that value structure changed as he discovered the surpassing worth of personally knowing Christ Jesus.  He isn’t referring to a one time decision, so much as a lifestyle of daily decisions.  That is why we started CFC 11 years ago.  As other godly men in our lives modeled and taught us the joyful adventure of learning to know and value Christ supremely, CFC was set up to be a model and encouragement to other young men.  It is our prayer that young men would be confident in the unmeasurable love God has demonstrated for them through the death, burial, and resurrection of His Son Jesus.  With that we pray that all of the adventure, studying, and relationship building that takes place during CFC would inspire these young men all the more to value following Jesus with their lives as their greatest joy!

Camping for Christ is a four day hiking and camping adventure that takes places each year, Wednesday through Saturday of Spring Break.  The trip is preceded by mandatory meetings which consist of an overnighter, hiking, games, Bible study, fellowship, and a lot of eating.  We use these meetings to build a strong bond within the group.  The quality of our camping trip is dependent upon our group being unified and working together.  Any male that is in middle or high school is qualified to sign up for the trip.  Information and sign ups start in January each year.  Please contact us if you have questions about the next CFC trip.  The adventure awaits you!